A message from the President of Friends of NAS Ottumwa.

Post date: Oct 26, 2013 12:57:10 PM

Folks, the U.S. Naval Air Station is a closed group merely to give us a means of ejecting trouble makers and spammers. It also allows us to filter out accounts that are fake or stolen. We have learned several key characteristics of those types of accounts. We may not always get it right. When that happens please let us know! Our Email is NASOTTUMWA@gmail.com. Most of us have day jobs....this nonprofit is operated with what free time we have so this helps reduce the labor. This future museum continues to move forward via volunteer labor, contractors, grants and your continuing generous donations. I'm lucky to work with a group that have repeatedly dug so deeply into their own resources. Please consider donating to this worthy cause that honors those of our armed forces who given so much to this country.  Please refer to the "How You Can Help" tab on this site to see how!